2023 United by Bronco Trail Report
​Boss 4x4 attended the 2023 United by Bronco event in their white 2-Door 2022 Bronco Basesquatch. The event took place in Southern Utah at Sand Hollow State Park.

United by Bronco 2023

Boss 4x4 attended the 2023 United by Bronco event in their white 2-Door 2022 Bronco Basesquatch #whiteyfordbronco. The event took place in Southern Utah at Sand Hollow State Park. Having only been to Sand Hollow once before and in a different vehicle, we decided to sign up for Moderate trails with our stock Bronco.

Day 1 we ran the West Rim Trail, rated 4-7 depending on which lines you take. From the staging lot, we went through the tunnel under highway 7, then traversed parallel to the highway toward the western side of the OHV area. The first obstacle dubbed “The Steps” is a set of sliprock ledges with a easy or harder line. We took the harder line with ease, making it up on the first try, slightly tagging the rear shock mount.

The next obstacle was “The Funnel”, a rounded 30-36” rounded step with no bypasses. Again, we traversed it with ease. But soon we would find out the limitations of a shorter wheel base on the “Toll Booths” obstacle. Having to approach at an angle made it very tippy. Getting lined up just right and bumping it up the slickrock ledge proved to be difficult as we keep sliding off and getting the right rear wheel, bumper, and spare tire buried in the soft red sand. To not hold up the group, we got a little pull up and continued on to the “Lunch Room”. The last obstacle “The Squeeze” is exactly that – a tight squeeze through the rocks. We only had about an inch or two to spare on the right side of our folded in mirror. After finishing up across a few rock gardens, we floated across the dues and back to the staging area to watch the sand drag races. We were still fully loaded with all our luggage having come straight up that morning, so no racing for us.

The next day we opted to run a newer trail called “Resurrection”, located between Slip Lock and Water Tank roads. This trail is rated 5, requiring a minimum of 33” tires. Our group went through the two narrow washes with ease. We ran it downward, and it seemed like a one way trail, without any bypasses. There were lots of ledges and waterfalls to keep you on your toes.

The third and last day we ran Milt’s Mile, which was designated as the first developed trail in Sand Hollow. It’s rated a 4 for Milt’s Lite up to a 7 for the added obstacle sections. We mostly did the Lite version with a smaller group since the trail was slow going on the harder lines. We finished early, played on the dunes and visited the “Top of the World” marker, adding our own sticker.

With one other Bronco we broke off and re-visited the West Rim to try to tackle the Toll Booth again. After about 3 or 4 tries, we made it up! After finishing the rest of the trail, we headed back to the staging area through the dunes. We then aired up and headed over to the vendor show at Lonny’s BBQ in Hurricane, UT.